Stranger Things 4 has a breathtaking landscape Season 5 of Yellow released its first eight minute Forstone,  Kelly Reilly captures

Netflix reveals Stranger Things Season 4's episode count one week before the show premieres.

According to Netflix's fan website Tudum,  the season finale will last about two and a half hours.

Due to the length of the season, it will be split into two parts,  Matt and Ross Duffer said.

In comparison to the previous three seasons, this one will be nearly five hours longer.

There was a three year gap between seasons as a result of a pandemic-related delay

Episode 7 of this season is the longest episode this season, lasting 98 minutes, and most episodes are 75 minutes.

There are nine episodes in total in Volume 1, and two more in Volume 2.

Stranger Thing 4 Release in two parts because of its length.

The first volume will be available on May 27 and  the second five days later.