Will Stranger Things 4 be the series' final season?

Stranger Things returns to Netflix for its fourth season after a three-year hiatus. The hit sci-fi drama, which revolves around a group of friends who discover supernatural activity and attempt to find answers, will release the upcoming əries in two installments

The first volume will be released on 27 May; the second volume will be released five weeks later on 1 July

Netflix announces one more chapter before the series concludes with its final fifth season, despite the extended gap between its most recent installments

The show's creators, the Duffer Brothers, confirmed that "season five will be the last" in an open letter posted to Netflix in February 2022, calling season four "the beginning of the end

Ross Duffer previously told Hollywood Reporter that the show will have another season after the upcoming one. 'Season four won't be the ending, he said. We know what the end will be, we know when it will be

The pandemic gives us time to look ahead, and figure out what the show needs. As we filled that out, we got a better idea about the length of time it will take us to tell that story

Ahead of the muchanticipated return, star Finn Wolfard has explained that the show is becoming darker as the cast has aged, much like the Harry Potter franchise did.

Cast members have also warned younger fans that this next season is "disturbing". A terrifying new villain from Upside Down appears in the official trailer for season four.

It features Jim Hopper in a Russian concentration camp, Joyce and the Byers family in California after being relocated after the Battle of Starcourt, and Eleven still without her powers.

Volume one of Stranger Things season four will premiere on Netflix on 27 May, followed by volume two on 1 July.