Former NFL player Langley was arrested for assault after video shows the former NFL player unleashes a flurry of blows to a United Airlines employee at Newark Airport

Brendan Langley

Dupree was charged with misdemeanar after an incident at a nashville walgreens 

Bud Dupree

Las Vegas Raiders Hobbs was arrested for driving under the influence after police found him asleep at the wheel on a parking lot exit ramp.

Nate Hobbs

Seattle Seahawks  Smith was arrested on suspicion of driving under influence in King County, Washington. Smith was initially pulled over for speeding.

Geno Smith

 Jacksonville Jaguars McCray was arrested for fleeing with disregard of safety to persons or property in Florida after a high-speed chase. McCray reached a speed of about 100 mph.

Lerentee McCray

Cleveland Browns  McDowell was arrested in Florida on charges of beating a deputy, resisting arrest and public exposure.

Malik McDowell

City Chiefs Gay was arrested for property damage at an apartment complex. Gay was at the home of his son's mother when he got into an argument with her and broke her vacuum.

Willie Gay Jr. Kansas

Free Agent Arnette was arrested for two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, carrying or concealing a gun without a permit, possession of marijuana or cannabis and possession of a class one or two level controlled substance,

Damon Arnette

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