A trailer for  'Man vs Bee'  is out.

Get ready for a trip of laughter as Rowan Atkinson returns to the screens to tickle your bones like never before!

Teaser showing how the bumblebee irritates Trevor while he struggles to register his triumph over the insect.

In the show, Atkinson plays a house-sitter who has the misfortune of crossing paths with a very tenacious bee in the house  under his supervision.

The bee proves to be the bane of Atkinson’s existence as he is charged on 14 counts — including dangerous driving, destruction of priceless artwork,  arson, and so on.

When the judge asks him whether he has to say anything in his defence, he weakly mumbles, “You see, there was this bee.”

Rowan Atkinson in the lead role

'Man vs Bee'  arrives on June 24.

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