Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Trial Highlights

Amber Heard claimed she didn't want to pursue full $32.5 million divorce settlement with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard called Johnny Depp a 'baby' when he tried leaving an argument after she hit him

American MMA fighter Raquel Pennington, a former friend of Amber Heard, said she, too, witness Heard use illicit drugs and joined her

Raquel Pennington, a former friend of Amber Heard, admitted to getting into a fight with Heard during a dinner party in one of Johnny Depp's homes

Amber Heard's friend, Io Tillett Wright, said he witnessed her taking ecstasy, cocaine and mushrooms and that he had a deep friendship with Johnny Depp

'Alcohol would bring out a very ugly side of him': Io Tillett Wright said of friend Johnny Depp

Io Tillett Wright claimed Johnny Depp accused him of 'sh***ing on the bed' with Amber Heard and cried as he recalled hearing Depp yelling and Heard screaming over the phone following the incident

'You will not see my eyes again': Johnny Depp maintains vow not to look Amber Heard in the eyes