Angelina had once warned his longtime friend Johnny Depp not to date Amber Heard

The two of Hollywood’s stars worked together in the 2010’s 'The Tourist'

While some claimed that they couldn’t stand each other,  others said that Angie and Depp are good friends,  and some even alleged an affair between the two

Heard claimed that the Depp thought she had affairs with many men. This also  included Jolie’s  ex-Billy Bob Thornton

Amber Heard clarified that she wasn’t sleeping with any of the men, including Angelina's former husband

Media reported that Angelina Jolie was not fond of Heard since the very beginning of her relationship with Depp

While Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are busy with the defamation trial..


Angelina Jolie’s legal battle with Brad Pitt  over the custody of their children and estate has created a lot of buzz.

Amber Heard nearly lost her role in Aquaman 2 due to...