From iran is 80 years old and is the DIRTIEST MAN of the world, as he did not take bath himself for over 60 years.


Amoo Hadij

The ‘World’s Bendiest Woman’ better known as Zlata; however, the real name of this Russian girl is 


Julia Gunthel

53 years old Rolf Bucholz from Germany is the World’s ‘Most Pierced Man’ with 453 piercings on his face and body plus 2 horn implants on the forehead.


Rolf Bucholz


 Zimbabwe's ugliest man

Maison Sere

 who has 7 Fingers on each hand and 10 Toes on each leg.


Akshat Saxena

 This man has tattooed himself from head to toe,


Etienne Dumont

kala kaiwi This dude strikes me as strange because he has all those glasses punched near  his ears and horns.


kala kaiwi

Man having the BIGGEST MOUTH in the world, measuring 6.69 inches in which a soda can easily fits.


Francisco Domingo Joaquim

 who is an Indian holds the record of having the ‘World’s Longest Moustache’ and it takes him one hour daily to comb and clean it. His Moustache is 4.29m long.


Ram Singh Chauhan

The man who eats Metal and has eaten 9 tons of it so far.


Michel Lotito-

Amber Heard nearly lost her role in Aquaman 2 due to...