The Beatles Entire Oeuvre

The Beatles were once banned in the Philippines


Wake Up, Little Susie

The lyrics have a teenage boy awakening his date, Susie.



When the Vietnam War protest on Ohio’s Kent State University resulted in the deaths of four protesters who were shot by National Guard soldiers on May 4, 1970, riots raged across the country.


I Don’t Want to Get Well


The United States War Department banned

“El Chuchumbé”


As Music Around the World: A Global Encyclopedia notes, the first written records of Mexican folk music, which repose in the Ramo Inquisición, include “El Chuchumbé,” which has the distinction of having been “the first Mexican song to be banned.

It’s Wrong


Poetic justice further brought to light the hypocrisy of the government’s ban on Wonder and other musicians whose songs denounced apartheid.

Letter to Ya Tshitshi


“Letter to Tshitshi” certainly annoyed his country’s president, Félix Tshisekedi, for which reason, it appears, the nation’s Censorship Commission banned it from play days after its release.

Cherry Bomb


CT 127’s hip hop hit “Cherry Bomb” has been decried by South Korean government officials who banned it as being violent and for encouraging “bad behavior among youth.”

Beijing Evening News


the capital CHINA injustice and inequality. The popular piece contrasts the plight of the poor and disadvantaged

It might Break Your Pinky Heart.

Malaysian rapper Namewee denies bashing China or the Chinese people or supporting Taiwan’s and Hong Kong’s independence, 


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