Investigating Diana Death : Princess Diana predicted car crash before 2 years

Princess Diana predicted car crash


About, early life-

Diana, princess of wales, was a member of British royal family. She was the first wife of Charles, the heir apparent to the British throne and the mother of princes William and harry. When she was young, she showed a talent for music, also excelled in swimming and diving. For three months, she worked as a nanny. In London when she was with her mother, she joined a cooking course. Then, she worked as a dance instructor, then after sometime,  a playgroup pre-school assistant and also acted at parties.


Married life-

Diana was just twenty years old when she, became princess of wales, when she married Charles, after five years of marriage, couples incapability and age difference become a significant cause of their separation.


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 Charity works-

Apart from her personal life, she was also known for her charity works. She used to make a usual appearances at hospitals, and schools. She became increasingly associated with numerous charity works.  She also studies about cancer and then, raised awareness regarding cancer and mental illness.



Characteristics/ famous for-

Diana was a shy person, but her aura and friendlinessconnected her with the common people and helped her reputation survive on the acrimonious collapse of her marriage. She was photogenic, and wasalso a leader of fashion in the 1990s.


Death/ funeral-

On 31st august, she died in a car crash. Many tributes was given by the common man, as she had a very good impact among people. People left flowers, candles, cards, and personal messages outside Kensington Palace for months. Her cist, was covered with the royal flag as she served a lot, was brought to London from Paris by Prince Charles and Diana’s two sisters on 31 August 1997.

On 6 September,Diana’s burial happened in Westminster Abbey. Her sons walked in the sad- procession behind her coffin, along with her ex-husband the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Edinburgh, Diana’s brother Lord Spencer, and representatives of some related to the  charity works.

Diana’s ex-husband, two sons, mother, siblings, a close friend, and a clergyman were present.


Family views-

As, Diana remains the most inspiring members of the royal family throughout the history, and she continues to inspire the younger generations of the family. She was appreciated for her sympathy, style, charisma, and high-profile charity work, as well as her ill-fated marriage.

Patrick Jepson described her as a diligent person, and commented on Charles, that he was not able to adjust with his wife’s exceptional popularity.


He said that she was a rigid boss who was prompt to appreciate hard work but can rebel, if she feel that someone wronged her. Diana’s mother, said that she was a loving figure. Paul Burrell, recalled her as a deep thinker who introspect. She was a caring mother to her children, who consider her as an inspiration.


Cause of death/ investigation-

She was 36 years old, when she died because of a car crash.The initial French judicial investigation said that the crash was caused because of Paul was not driving well, the high speed, and also because of the drugs.


An investigation that continued in London, in 2004 till 2007–08 given the reason that, the crash was due to grossly negligent driving by Paul and to the paparazzi who was following them, because of him Paul to speed into the tunnel. On 7 April 2008, the jury announced a verdict of unlawful killing. On the day after the final verdict of the investigation, Al-Fayed announced that he would end his 10-year campaign to establish that the tragedy was a murder; he said he did so for the sake of Diana’s children.

Diana’s early prediction:-

What is more exciting is, A close friend, of her, said that she knew that she will die young and will not be able to see her son’s wives. One of her friend said, that Diana used to feel that she has a strong connection with the spiritual world. He revealed that she also recorded tapes for her children. She don’t wanted to make them sad and also wanted to feel them her presence, even after when she is not in the real world with her sons.

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