Johnny Depp’s Cameo at VMAs Was Pre-Taped and Presented with Fake Applause?

Johnny Depp's Cameo at VMAs

Johnny Depp’s Cameo at VMAs Was Pre-Taped and Presented with Fake Applause?

If you’re like most people, you probably woke up Wednesday morning and thought “man, I need to do something interesting today.” Wednesday is the day after VMAs, so chances are you were looking forward to seeing who came out as a winner. However, if you watched the live show and noticed that Johnny Depps (the actor who played J.D. Salinger on the popular TV show The Simpsons) was given a standing ovation right before his performance started, it’s likely that he was actually pre-taped and presented with fake applause. This isn’t the first time this has happened; in fact, it’s usually much more subtle. For example, during America’s Got Talent last year Season 3 contestant Aidy Bryant was given an opening acceptance speech that included fake applause.

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Who Was Johnny Depps Cameo.

Depps was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1944. After acting in a few commercials and small roles in TV shows and movies during the early 1960s, Depps made his big screen debut as a supporting actor in the 1967 film “The Wild Bunch”. He soon became known for his role as Capt. Kirk on the hit TV series “Star Trek”, playing opposite Gene Roddenberry. During this time, Depps also began to gain recognition for his portrayal of sleazy hotel owner Sonny Liston in the 1971 movie “Pulp Fiction”.

Depps’ other notable work during the 1970s included starring as Gen. James M. Steele in the CBS sitcom “The Golden Girls” and portraying Don Rickles’s character onscreen for three seasons of Comedy Central’s “The Rickles Show”. In 1990, he starred as Lucky Luciano in Warner Bros.’ biopic “Lucky Luciano: His Life and Times”.

In 2013, Depps played middle-aged don John Gotti Jr. on FX Networks’ mini-series “The deuce”, which followed New York City’s criminal underworld from 1969 to 1990. That same year, he was also a judge on Season 6 of US TV series “Dancing with the Stars”.

In addition to acting, Depps is now a performance artist who tours throughout North America with his one-man show “Johnny Depp: On My Own”.


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He Cameoed at the VMAs This Year

On May 25th, Johnny Depp came out to perform at the VMAs wearing a white tuxedo with blue suspenders and blue shoes (a reference to Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope). However, some people reported that they were not happy with what they saw and some even claimed that they had been pre-taped and presented with fake applause!

Many believe that this was an intentional act by Hollywood producers or directors looking to discredit Johnny Depp’s upcoming performance at the VMAS.


Did Johnny Depps Get applause from the audience?

Who Had the Better reaction at the VMAs?


It is hard to say who had the better reaction during the VMAs this year. Both Johnny Depps and Anne Hathaway had better reactions at the event but it is not clear if they actually received applause from the audience. It is possible that some people were given fake applause which could have led to their poorer reactions in comparison to either actor. However, it is impossible to say for certain who had the better reaction at the VMAS this year.

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