House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 5 Recap : What Happened?

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 5

Here’s our recap of House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 5-

Parliament of the Dragon Recap: Alicent Realises Green at Rhaenyra’s Wedding

When you think about the full history of Westeros, the wedding that takes place in this week’s House of the Dragon doesn’t go all that poorly.

Definitely, someone died on the dance floor throughout the rehearsal dinner. Yes, the stepmother of the bride may be very close to encouraging success. And agreed, the father of the bride may have collapsed to his death just after the commitment was said:But hey, a pregnant woman was not run through multiple times in the belly, so… success?


Look through the highlights of Episode 5-

Nice to meet you, LADY RHEA 

The episode starts off in The Vale, where Lady Rhea Royce (hi, Shadow and Bone’s Rachel Redford!) is out stalking on horseback. She’s caught a few game birds when she comes beyond Daemon and directs him as “husband.” Ah, so this is the horrifying giant wife Daemon’s been weeping about since the series’ start. I don’t know, dude: She’s only produced a few words and manages her horse like a badass, and I already like her more than I like you. We learn that they never finalised their marriage, and she wonders if that’s what he’s there for. Even though Daemon is doing his best Obi-Wan impression here — invisible cape, hand extended like he’s mobilising The Force — it seems like what happens next is mostly bad luck: She reaches for her low and arrow, the horse rears up (possibly because Daemon rises at it or something), and falls backward, landing on her and, I expect, squashing a lot of stuff inside her that shouldn’t be squashed.

The horse rapidly stands and rushes off as below par. Lady Rhea lies there, wheezing.  She seems to be paralyzed from the neck down, but her jaws still work just fine. So when Daemon delicately steps on her radius but then turns to walk away, she gets an especially suitable burn. “I realise you couldn’t finish,” she says. However, she saw last week’s episode… or the series’ first night, come to believe it. So he picks out a sizable rock and walks in the direction of her, and then the camera pans to Viserys and Rhaenyra on an ocean voyage.

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Come Away With Me 

On the boat on the way home, Ser Criston is all up in his affection about how Rhaenyra’s future is being decided for her.

Short term:He wants her to hop on a ship with him. “Let us leave it all behind and see the world together,” he says. Aw, he almost turns into a heart-eyed emoticon as we observe, painting a picture of a life in which they are unmentionable and free. You could marry me in Essos. “We are married for love and affection” not for the throne,” he says.

Proposal is Made 

What we see, however, isn’t much more enjoyable: seemingly, the king isn’t divided for ocean travel like his daughter is, and he points away an attendant’s bucket only to hurry to the railing and vomit over the side. (In his defence, it is good-looking rough going.)

Once they’re in the country, the royal staff makes its way to High Tide, the seat of House Velaryon. The strength plays start right as Viserys, Rhaenyra, Ser Criston It’s a good time to note that Viserys is looking rough: he’s coughing and sweating, and when Rhaenys hugs him, she’s disturbed to see he’s got considerably fewer digits than he did the most recent time they communicated.

High tower High Tail it outta there!

Back at King’s Landing, Alicent flies out in the rain to tell Otto she’s sad to see him go off. But he thinks she could’ve done more to rescue him and madly tells her so. She thinks that he squeezed too hard for Aegon to be named successor, so Otto’s oyster is actually his fault. He peacefully sat down a little to say that the king would die sooner rather than later — “He is not meant to be an aged man” — and that if Rhaenyra takes the crown, war will be the outcome. To fix her place, she’ll have to put your children to the blade. She’ll have no possibility, “he adds,bringing Alicent to cry violently. Then he yells at her a little bit more about how his grandchildren are probably sad, hugs her, and controls the situation.

The Green Wedding?

Some time elapsed, and then everyone gathered in King’s Landing for Rhaenyra and Laenor’s marriage. Viserys has a target to get better enough to sit next to the bride-to-be at an initial banquet where no more of them are. I was thrilled to have a small conversation with Jason Lannister when he approached to offer his congratulations. Alicent is clearly absent, even as Corlys, The Rhaenys and their The clan go for important fanfare. And then Daemon swaggers into the hall, and you just know he’s fixing to agree.

Murder on the Dance Floor  

As the cheerfulness continues, however, things are revealed. Based uniquely on the knight’s “hangdog” expression as he pays attention to the princess from the outside of the room, Joffrey figures out that Ser Criston is Rhaeynra’s lover. Then Joffrey makes sure that Criston knows that he knows about their association, a little unanimously confident destruction if anyone’s confidential matter gets out.

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