‘Bachelorette’ star DeMario Jackson sued for sexual assault by two women

DeMario Jackson

‘Bachelorette’ star DeMario Jackson sued for sexual assault by two women


DeMario Jackson, who was once at the centre of a “Bachelor” incident, is allegedly accused of sexually abusing two women, according to a petition.

DeMario Jackson has been accused of raping two women following his behaviour on the “Bachelor” brand provoked a misbehavior inquiry.


In a complaint submitted against him Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Jackson was accused of assaulting two Jane Does. In the court documents, both girls claim that they went on separate dates with Jackson and that these dates ended when he forced them to perform unwanted sexual contact.

Jackson, 35, didn’t pay attention instantly when The Times inquired for a statement. During their alleged attacks, Jane Does 1 and 2 separately reported crimes to the University of Santa Monica Medical Center’s Rape Treatment Center.


What did both those parties claim?

Both women claim they initially communicated with Jackson after his performances on two reality TV shows. He made his television debut on ABC’s “The Bachelorette” in May 2017 as one of the 31 players fighting for Rachel Lindsay’s favour. Jackson was fired off the show by Lindsay early on in the season after a woman who claimed to be his girlfriend showed up on set.


When did the investigation into this case start?

A spinoff of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” “Bachelor in Paradise,” featured contestants from those programs competing for romance on the beaches of Mexico. He was selected for the series after it finished. The Hollywood series’ producer, Warner Bros., revealed it was suspending production after receiving allegations of wrongdoing on set that warranted “a serious investigation” immediately after production started in June.


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What information did Jackson and Corinne give to the public?

The cast members at the core of the investigation weren’t identified by Warner Bros, but Jackson and his co-star Corinne Olympios later made that information public. According to two major sources with intimate knowledge of the incident, Jackson and Olympios were drunk and touching each other as soon as the cameras started rolling in Sayulita. The sources informed the London Times that they claimed they committed sexual relationships in front of actors and crew that weekend in a swimming pool.


Has Warner Bros. confirmed production-related harassment?

Then, Jackson gained national attention more than five years ago when a disagreement he had with Corinne Olympios resulted in the ABC series Bachelor in Paradise’s shooting getting suspended. Warner Bros confirmed that the company had been made “aware of claims of harassment” and that it was beginning “a comprehensive investigation.”


What exactly happened to the woman that night?

The woman testified in court that Jackson told her he wanted to meet her at his residence to avoid being recognized if they went out in society.The woman disclosed to the court that she claimed Jackson had pushed her into engaging in sexual activity with him after she initially agreed to it but then told him to stop, to which he pushed brutally.


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