A brief summary of Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Relationship

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship-

About brad pitt-

Brad pitt is an influential American actor and film producer, an attractive man famous for his charming personality. He had received many awards like, “Best picture” award for his movie, “12 years a slave”, “best film actor in supporting role” award for his movie, “once upon  a time in Hollywood”.  The most hyped movies of him were, “the lost city”, “fury”.


About Angelina Jolie-

Angelina Jolie, is an American actress and film director. She is also known for her charity works she use to do. She joined the council for foreign relation. As she is a daughter of well-known celebrity, she was surrounded by media early. She is well known for her rumors, regarding drugs and relationships.  Jolie found to be a favorite celeb for brands.   She had also received many awards like, Golden globe award for movie George Wallace.


How they met:-

During the shoot of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie first met.  That time, Jolie was a single mother just separated from her ex-husband, and pitt was married with Jennifer Aniston. In this film, they played a role of married couples.

But meeting the first time, not was the love for first sight, it was just that they were a good team together, as Angelina Jolie said in an interview. She said, the strange kind of companionship was not planned, that was just happened. She said that whatever we do with each other, we feel happy and joyous about that. We can see the bond between the two people, brad also respects Jolie, the movie made them work together and automatically to know more about each other. They were the most iconic and most discussed couple among people and media. They were rumored many times, after that, that they have been dating.


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Brad Pitt separation with the first wife-

On 2005, brad pitt official announced their divorce, he also said to not believe the media, spreading rumors, the decision they taken is a result of a thoughtful analysis.


Jolie adopted her first son-

In 2002 she adopted her first baby, son and then in 2005, she adopted a newborn baby, zahara from Ethiopia where pitt accompanied her.  She and her first son, wanted a new member in home and was very excited for the adoption.


When they were in relationship-

On January, 2006, brad pitt legally adopted the two children of Angelina Jolie and zahara and Maddox and their surname changed legally as Jolie-pitt, the judge approved. Same year, on May 27, they welcomed their daughter. On Jan 11, Jolie was expecting and she first revealed the news at a charity center. Pitt said that all his children are equally important for him. And her never failed to express his fatherly love to them. They had six children together.


Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Divorce-

On September 20, 2016, Jolie filed from divorce from brad pitt and also requested for the custody of their six children. Where pitt, said that, he is deeply saddened by all what is happening but the expect media to give them and their children a little privacy and space, as they are going through a challenging time. After three years of case filed, they were legally separated. They also going through a lot many argument regarding their children custody and issues related finances. Most probably the reason for their divorce was because of what happened in the private jet.


Private jet incident-

Angelina Julie reported that in the jet plane, brad pittphysically and verbally assaulted her children, who faced a lot of mental trauma, according to NBC report. She reported that pitt had been continuously drinking beer and poured on her. According to FBI report an argument was taken place between the couple when they disagreed with each other’s parenting styles. The report was that pitt grabbed Julie by her head, shaking her. And when the plane reached the destination pitt abused them all.

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